Invisible Stamp and UV Ink

Security featured company stamps protects valued documents against forgery

Protect your highly valued documents, certificates, bonds from being forged. We provide solution to Insurance companies, Banks and Financial institutions to protect their documents from forgery.

Amazing invisible feature loaded in the rubber stamp along with the other content allows you to stamp secret messages. Stamped impression will be visible to naked eyes except other security information without ever being read, thus protects your company seal from counterfeiting. The surface you stamp on will appear to be a regular stamp.

The currency in many countries has anti-counterfeiting measures built into it.

Stamp on Hand with invisible stamp to mark entry

Invisible Stamps are used in amusement parks, hotels and clubs to mark entries. These stamps are used to stamp on hand while audience and visitor enter in to the paid area. Practical applications would be to mark documents or hand stamping, which is usually done in clubs to identify patrons.

Invisible UV Ink for Rubber Stamps

Amazing Invisible UV Inks allows you to stamp "secret messages" phone numbers and other details. Stamped impression will be invisible to naked eyes without ever being read. The surface you stamp on will appear to be a blank. However, invisible messages can be read through help of UV light source or Black light source.



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