Pre Ink Stamps | Quick to make Pre Inked Flash Stamps

No more ink Pads!

Pre inked flash stamps have built in container which automatically inject the required ink into stamp die when you press. So you get clear sharp imprints on paper without blur or smudges. Compact case makes easy to store. You can make thousands of repetitive impressions without re-filling. These stamps can be easily re-filled on later stage.

  • Clean, crisp imprint
  • Comfortable, ergonomically-designed handle
  • No messy ink pad required
  • Thousands of perfect continuous impressions
  •  Easy to refill ink containers

We are No.1 Company Stamp maker in Dubai, UAE.  We have wide range of Pre Ink Stamp collection to choose from.

Need  Pre Ink Stamps in hurry? Our streamlined manufacturing process can make flash stamps within 2 hours*.

To order Pre Ink Stamp, just e-mail us your valid Trade, Professional or Commercial License copy with your contact details. So we can make an draft & send you for approval.

Payment: You can pay cash on Delivery.

* Specified production time line is subject to design approval (not from the time you inquire).



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