Rubber Stamps

Ink for Ink Pads

We have ink for Ink Pads that are available in stunning 12 unique colors. It comes in easy to refill bottles contains 25ml. All our water and oil based inks are suitable for Ink Pads that are fitted in Self Ink Stamps and suitable for Stamp Pads for manual stamping.

School Stamps for Teachers

School Stamps that are used by Teachers as motivational rubber stamps to encourage pupil's hard work.

Embossing Stamp and Company Embossing Seals

Embossing Stamps are perfect for embossing your address, logo or monogram on business letterhead, certificates and wedding invitations to give a classy touch. Embossing Stamps are widely used to authenticate documents such as certificates, limited edition prints and artwork to prevent forgery and unauthorized copies.

Embossing Stamps create a raised blind paper impression, when the paper is squeezed in between the dies. It is ideal for Notary, Corporate, Engineering, Library and Wedding.

Rubber Stamp | No.1 Company stamp / seal maker in Dubai

Order a rubber stamp today. Get it Next day! Pay Cash on Delivery!! We are the No.1 rubber stamp maker in Dubai, UAE.

Easy to use Rubber Stamp Making Machines

Professional Polymer Stamp Making Machine

Our Rubber Stamp Making Machine can do all type of rubber stamps. Just use your computer, laser printer and our Photo Polymer Stamp Making machine to establish a complete in-house stamp production business.

Sealing Wax for Wax Seals

Traditional Sealing Wax has a rich heritage. Napoleon Bonaparte used J Herrin Wax to seal his documents and carry his emblem all over his Empire!

The hard red wax is Tamper Proof and only source of document security. This means that it breaks very easily...that way, you know if your documents or parcel have been tampered with!

Red wax is highly recommended for certificates, cases where tamper proofing is required or for any other traditional use of sealing wax.

Wax Seal | No.1 Red Wax Seal Maker in Dubai

Wax Seals that are engraved in Zinc Plates provides deep Emboss Effect while you seal. Personalize your wax seals and add a touch of elegance and creativity. To order one for you contact us today.

Invisible Stamp and UV Ink

Security featured company stamps protects valued documents against forgery

Protect your highly valued documents, certificates, bonds from being forged. We provide solution to Insurance companies, Banks and Financial institutions to protect their documents from forgery.

Self Ink Stamps | Self inking Rubber Stamp Maker

Say Goodbye to messy ink pads!

Self Inking Stamps has built in ink pad that automatically inks the stamp die after each impression. You can make thousands of repetitive impressions without re-inking. Self inking stamps can be easily re-inked or stamps pads can be changed on later stage.

Pre Ink Stamps | Quick to make Pre Inked Flash Stamps

No more ink Pads!

Pre inked flash stamps have built in container which automatically inject the required ink into stamp die when you press. So you get clear sharp imprints on paper without blur or smudges. Compact case makes easy to store. You can make thousands of repetitive impressions without re-filling. These stamps can be easily re-filled on later stage.


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